Available courses

   40 Hours of Instruction
  ~Self paced~

This exceptional self paced 10 Module series  includes personal  and professional leadership development, professional communication, counseling microskills, crises management, ethics, mandated reporting, pastoral licensing referrals, and more!
  • develop personal core values  and leadership styles
  • equip with effective counseling communication 
  • learn marriage, family and group dynamics
  • assess and identify participant needs
  • empower people through a strength perspectives model
  • motivate people toward emotional wellness and restored spiritual connection.

How to get started...

  1. Click http://pastoral.care-edu.com/login/signup.php and fill in your information
  2. Confirm your registration by clicking on the link in your email "Advanced Pastoral Counselor Development: account confirmati​on"
  3. On the next page click on "Advanced Pastoral Counselor Development"
  4. At the bottom click "Send payment via paypal" If you do not have a paypal account this is nothing to be concerned about. You do not need one, simply select the payment option you want and fill in the requested information. When you are finnished there will be an option to return to this website.

You are now registered for the class and can begin using the curriculum. Just click on  "Advanced Pastoral Counselor Development" and login if requested.  

 For more info, call our office (530)710-8810
 or email  yvonne@care-edu.com